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Bored Out of My Cranium

Posted on 2012.12.27 at 20:15
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Well today was long and eventful.


I went to work and had a full day of WBA: ice skating for 2.5 hours and sledding for 1.5 hours. I loved every moment of it! Even when our charges were being more of themselves than normal - obnoxious little hellions that they are - today was great. I hope we have plenty more days such as this one.


Now, I believe you can see some of my dilemma.


After having such a full, fun day, I'm at home watching my favorite movie series, Harry Potter, in my new lazy suit, and I'm bored out of my mind! Don't get me wrong. I am completely in love with my Harry Potter movies.


Severus Snape is my all time favorite character in both book and movies. Since the very first book, I have always known he was on the side of Light, not to toot my own horn or anything.


But from such a mind blowing day, how can someone not be so bored out of their skull?! Am I right or am I right?

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I'm not exactly sure what I did besides get in a disagreement with my dad, but that shouldn't be why his petty, childish bitch of a girlfriend won't acknowledge my existence except for when my dad is around.


When we first met, it was all rainbows and unicorns. I was happy to see my dad happy again, but after that disagreement everything went to crap.


I finally got a job, which about a month later I decided I didn't want to waste my life on. Two weeks straight on the job with one week off is a waste of life and time; it's for some people, and it's not for some people. I would rather have a day to day job working 4-8 hour days with a couple of days off here and there than working in the middle of nowhere wasting my life and time.


Apparently some don't understand that.


Anyways, it makes me a little angry and irritated that this childish woman is treating me like someone who has AIDS. (I know... Horrible metaphor... but it's how I feel I'm being treated.) I try to talk to her, but I have to repeat myself over and over before she even acknowledges me.


The other day she used her son as a  sound board to tell both of us to ease up on the milk for the rest of the week. And I don't mean she told him to pass it on to me as well. I mean she was talking to her son while I was in the room, but she was looking at me. Didn't say my name to get my attention, didn't say that she was talking to both of us. Just used her son so she didn't have to talk directly to me. Is that not petty and childish or what? 


Also, she'll be all bubbly and talkative one minute while I'm not in the room, but she'll instantly shutter up the minute I walk into the room. Get all silent like someone pissed in her Cheerios.


I'm okay with it though. I'm glad this happened before I decided to open up fully to the bitch because now I know that I really don't want someone like that in my life. I can't stand pettiness or childish bullshit the same way I can't stand ignorant people.


I believe what makes it worse is that her own son has noticed her indifference towards me.


It just makes me irritated that she's doing the same shit that I got out of in moving in with my dad. It is only temporary, and I've emphasized that numerous times to them both.


I'm thinking of writing a book based on parts of my life that would appeal to teenagers as well as adults. I know... It's a little cliched, but that market is booming right now, so I think I might have a pretty good chance if it gets published. That's assuming if I'm actually going to write it.


What do you think?

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WT Freaking F!

Posted on 2012.04.20 at 15:37

So I'm honestly stumped as to why this woman would ask her son if he's had to picked up after me all day. When have I EVER left my shit laying around in this house for someone else to pick up? In fact, if she were to ask that question to anyone, it would most likely be me because I pick up after her and her son plus my dad more often than they have ever had to pick up after me. That kind of shit just pisses me off!


That's not the only freaking thing that's been going on lately either.


I swear this woman did a total one eighty on me from being all nice and open to closed up and ignoring everything about me. I have to poke and prod to get a fucking comment or answer out of her because she's doing her damndest to ignore me or pretend I'm not there. I say fuck that! I'll play nice until I find my own place to live, but if she wants to be like that now, I won't fucking put up with it because that's why I moved out of my mom‘s before I got a job.


And than when I'm fucking inconvenient to her schedule after she told me all I have to do is ask her, I'm such a burden to them. It's like she won't even acknowledge me anymore unless my dad is present.


What I want to know is why. What have I ever done to warrant such indifference?

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For someone to understand, I will have to start at the beginning.


Four months ago, I got into an argument with my sister where harsh words were spoken to me and in return I spoke harsh words back. It was not a particularly intelligent moment for me but when someone tells you that you're a worthless piece of shit, it goes without saying that there will be retaliation especially when their accusations are unjust.


At the time I was having quite some problems in getting employed, which doesn't excuse my actions or words, but it will explain my frustration in being called worthless. I was also living with my mom whom I thought would be a little more understanding to my feelings about being called worthless, but I was wrong. Instead of listening to what I had to say, she cut me off at every turn making it clear to me that she didn't care for my feelings on the matter. A week later after continually being called worthless under breath everyday of that week, I confront my mom about it without giving her the option to ignore me.


She didn't like what I had to say apparently because she told me that I had until that weekend to move out. This is the part where I don't understand because I was made out to be the villain.


The only thing I can think of is that my ex sister told her a complete lie and made it out to be that I intended to hurt her and her bastard child. So I guess I'm now an abusive person who will physically hurt people to get my way.


To solve that problem, I called my dad who had been trying to get me to move in with him for a while now.


It's been great, but I'm getting the feeling that his girlfriend is annoyed with me somehow. She's a good person and I like her way more than my dad‘s second wife, but she's been shutting me out for some reason. And when I ask her what the problem is, she isn't very forthcoming as in she completely ignores me. I don't get it but whatever that's not the issue here.


After four months of hardcore job searching with 2 years previous, I might be finally getting employed. I did everything that my potential employer requires of me before they officially hire me, but I need to get my tuberculosis test read.


I asked my dad‘s girlfriend if she could give me a ride seeing as I haven't taken my road test yet, but she told me she couldn't, which is fine. I ask a friend of the family, and he says he can do it. Turns out though that he expects to be compensated, which is understandable, but I am unable to do it at this time and he's unwilling to wait.


We start talking after I tell him that my dad is going to give me the ride, but it turns unpleasant for no apparent reason.


We were having a nice conversation about a business/youth and adult program I want to open up when I impersonated my brothers voice about him saying that I had no chance of getting a loan because I haven't been employed for 2 years. I said that's a load of bull because I would rather take a grant instead of owing someone because I wanted to help the community.


He goes off telling me that need to get over myself and that he won't have any part of my apparent feud and than proceeds to tell me that I can shove my feud up somewhere, but I hang up on him since I don't need to hear nor deserve his hostility for simply stating that my brother was wrong.


My question is: what feud? Our conversation had nothing to do with the argument I had with my ex sister, so he completely spoke out of turn.


But I don't know what angers and hurts me more. The fact that he used that or the fact that he knows about the argument when it's a private matter and has nothing to do with him. Clearly someone has been whispering in his ear, and it is very clear on which side they were campaigning for him to state it like that.


It shouldn't be about sides. In fact, the only persons involved is myself and my ex sister. And that should be the end of that.


Now I'm sitting in my room trying to figure out if I should call my brother and mom to have them understand that what I stated wasn't a slight towards him, but my disagreement with his opinion. Or I can just let it fester since they already think the worst of me.

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My tweets

Posted on 2012.02.25 at 12:00

My tweets

Posted on 2012.02.24 at 12:00

My tweets

Posted on 2012.02.21 at 22:38
  • Tue, 04:04: Wow! I went to bed at 8 pm last night and woke up about half an hour ago. I guess I needed that. And I had the weirdest dream ever!
  • Tue, 09:48: I guess it was too early to wake up before since I fell asleep again and had another weird dream that involved ice skating. Lol!
  • Tue, 13:00: Today‘s range looks awesome!

My tweets

Posted on 2012.02.19 at 15:09
  • Sat, 18:02: So this Milestone X2 from Motorola is awesome so far. Only had it for half a day. Digging this Swype feature like no tomorrow!
  • Sat, 21:11: Watching Moneyball with Dad and Samantha.
  • Sun, 00:25: O 30 hrs... Time fer bed. Btw... Moneyball was tight.

My dad found another woman again, leaving his wife once again. I have to admit that this one is so much better than the last...


Except, she has a daughter who is superficial, obnoxious, rude, and has no respect for anyone, especially her mother, which is highly unwarranted.


The first time I met her almost a year ago to this day, she completely blew me off. Isn't it basically a rule that when you meet someone new there is suppose to be some level of pleasantries exchanged? 


Well, none of that happened even though I offered those pleasantries myself. In return, I didn't even get an acknowledgment of my existence. That's fine, but, at least, the human thing to do was to exchange the correct pleasantries before you pretend I don't exist, right?


This girl is beyond superficial and obnoxious as well. If it was all in fun, I wouldn't mind it, but she's serious in everything that comes out of get obnoxious mouth. In my opinion, I think she should have had a stronger disciplinary hand in get her upbringing. 


As for her lack of disrespect... It is highly offensive to me because I was brought up in the belief that for one to get respect one has to give respect. Her lack of respect towards anyone, especially her mother, calls into question her own respect for herself though. At least that's what someone very wise had said. I can't bring myself to really care for this littler girl‘s feelings, but if one doesn't have respect for themself, one lacks self-esteem and confidence in themselves, correct? I don't feel any sympathy or empathy for her plight because she had only brought it onto herself, but I do pity her.


And how messed up is it that since I've known my dad‘s girlfriend, she dreads the arrival of her daughter in the days leading up to her daughter‘s arrival. It's kind of sad actually.


So... How do you deal with this you're of person?

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Thoughts on Yesterday's Super Bowl XLVI: NY v. NE

Posted on 2012.02.06 at 15:55
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Although it grieves me to have to watch NO get beaten so close to their second Super Bowl, I'm glad it was SF that did it and went on to battle the Giants. That game was a great game even though I was in the SF corner, but, in a way, it was good because NY went on to beat NE, which was amazing! If it was the SF on the other side of NE, I don't think they would have been able to pull off what the Giants pulled off. A great win!

I had my doubts, but when NY forced NE into their endzone for a safety to score the first points of the game, it quickly turned my thinking around. That play really was the determiner for the rest of the game. It got into NE's head and made them turn into clumsy oafs, and that right there is what all opponents to NE should do if they are to beat NE at their own game.

Now, for the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show with Madonna.

In my opinion, I believe she completely set the performance standard for future Halftime Shows for sure. It was incredible! It brought me back to when the Halftime Show was exceptionally brilliant. It really disappointed me and made me a little angry when the people I was watching the Super Bowl with demeaned and ridiculed her for her past discretions, whatever those may be. Actually, I don't really care what those were, but a great music performance artist shouldn't be judged solely for her past or characteristics or personality off the stage; they should be judged for their art. It's very petty and very childish.

For a better note, I enjoyed the show and the Super Bowl. I hope to NO in the next one though. Go Saints! Who dat!

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